Goriziana (2021)

In 2021 I made my first dry stout, and much of the recipe was inherited directly from an old coconut stout recipe that didn’t satisfy me completely and I decided to dump.

It is a classic dry stout with wheat flakes instead of the classic barley/oats. The particular choice of Styrian Wolf hops is nothing more than a derivative of the old coconut stout. Very good, it had something related to the malty part that did not satisfy me, so at the moment I am working on an updated version of this recipe that for the moment promises very well. Therefore expect soon a new version of this recipe.

The name Goriziana was chosen while walking near a coffee factory in my hometown felt an intense roasted perfume that made me click the spark. This factory is named Goriziana Caffé.


GORIZIANA (Recipe 2021)


Batch size : 23 liters
ABV 4.2%
EBC: 76
IBU: 42
OG: 1.042
FG: 1.010



  • 3 kg Maris Otter malt (6 EBC, 93,4%)
  • 1.5 kg flaked wheat (3.2 EBC, 30%)
  • 500g Roasted Barley (1250 EBC, 10%)


  • 30g Styrian Goldings hops (AA 5.4%) at 60′
  • 20g Styrian Wolf (AA 12.4%) at 15′
  • 30g Styrian Wolf (AA 12.4%) at 5′


  • 2 packages (11,5g) of Fermentis SafAle S-04


  • 33 liters of pH fixed water

Brew Directions:

  1. protein rest at 55°C for 5 minutes
  2. Mash step at 65°C for 65 minutes
  3. Mash-out at 78°C for 15 minutes
  4. Fly sparge with hot water at 78°C
  5. 60′ Boil
  6. Chill wort to 25°C and add yeast


  1. Fermentation for 14 days at 19°C
  2. Cold Crash 3 days
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