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Thank God it’s Friday, the last working day of this week. And to make this day happier, the courier has delivered in advance a box full of beers I’ve ordered on Hopt webshop. You’re probably wondering which beers were in that box: let’s find out!

You should know some weeks ago I was checking my statistics on Untappd: I learned with great disappointment that with the free account the statistics are available for just one week. So I took my own profile page and exported it into a spreadsheet (I’m also a software engineer, nothing easier). Finally I was able to create statistics of all beers I’ve tried including the production countries. I’ve noticed a little sadly that I’ve touched only 28 countries (see picture below).

Countries where beers I’ve tasted so far are produced, 16th March 2022

So I searched in the various webshops where are more countries available, finding them on Hopt. Using search filers I added to cart the most interesting, about one for each missing country:

  • Hinano, a Polynesian Pale Lager
  • Iki Ginger, a beer with ginger and green tea, sold as Japanese but lately I discovered that Iki Beer is a brewery located in Holland
  • Gweilo, a Tropical Lager brewed in Hong Kong
  • Sparkling Ale, as the name says an Australian Sparkling Ale, brewed by australian Coopers
  • Cobra India Pale, a Lager produced by Cobra brewery with establishments in India, UK and Belgium. Sold as Indian, let’s assume it’s Indian.
  • Quilmes Clasica, Lager brewed in Argentina by Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes brewery
  • Saigon Special, Lager brewed in VIetnam by Sabeco brewery
  • Singha, Lager by Thai brewery Boon Rawd Brewery (it seems that is brewed in Germany and distributed from Thailand)
  • Tiny Rebel Key Lime Lager, brewed in Wales by Tiny Rebel
  • Gin and Tonic IPA, brewed in Lithuania by Sakiškių Alus brewery
  • India Pale Ale, brewed in Lithuania by Sakiškių Alus brewery
  • Gunnamatta, IPA brewed in New Zealand by Yeastie Boys brewery
  • Pretty Green, Pilsner brewed by Yeastie Boys in collaboration with scottish brewery Loch Lomond
  • Casablanca, Lager brewed in Morocco by Groupe des Boissons du Maroc
  • Icelandic White Ale produced in Iceland by Einstök Ölgerð brewery
  • Red Stripe, an American Lager brewed in Jamaica by Desnoes & Geddes brewery
  • Little Creaturs Pale Ale by australian brewery Little Creatures
  • Matiné Session IPA, brewed in Portugal by Dois Corvos brewery
  • Voragem, Black IPA, brewed in Portugal by Mean Sardine Brewery
  • Cool Earth Lager, brewed in Holland by Lowlander Beer brewery
  • Out of Office, Session IPA from Estonia brewed by Sori Brewing brewery
  • 45 Days IPL, an India Pale Lager produced in Denmark by To Øl brewery

As selling rules, Hopt webshop requires in the cart a multiple of six beers to fill up the box and completer the order, so two beers were missing. I admit, I have chosen these two beers from two famous breweries only for the can graphics:

  • Bravehops, IPA brewed by Uiltje brewery in Hollsnd with Braveheart themed can
  • Ghost Visions Lager, Pilsner brewed by Mikkeeller from Denmark with Game of Thrones themed can

Now I just have to face this tasting trip, I’ll keep you updated with my reviews. Cheers!

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