About the blog

A sincere and strong welcome to all on my blog. I decided to crate this blog for pure passion, to share with you what I do, what I taste and what I learn, I have no other desires. It may seem useless, but if only one of you reads and shares with me some of my experiences it is a great pleasure for me.

Well, this site was actually not planned as a blog. My idea was in fact to create a kind of diary of my life as a hombrewer and beer lover that can be read by anyone, apassionate or not. This diary was born first as an Instagram page and then expanded to a website. Then I decided to include something useful for the public, such as some articles on how to build your own equipment or some recipe. At that point I decided to dedicate part of the site to my home-brewery or rather to my official beers (that means not to all the experiments I do). This may not be of much useful for you, but I am happy to share what I have been able to do and for which I have some satisfaction.

This site is constantly evolving, I continually have some new ideas in mind that I will add with time. You may not learn much from it, but I hope you enjoy reading about all my beer adventures.

I decided to propose all the contents in both Italian and English, hoping that this will please as many people as possible. I apologize if my English is not the best, I hope you still appreciate what I write.


About me

My name is Danijel but since high school my friends call me Ringhio (some of them don’t even know my name is Danijel). In my life I deal mainly with software and programming, but in my second life I am a homebrewer and beer lover.

My first contact with the world of homebrewing was just towards the end of high school, when I went to my classmate’s house and he offered me a beer produced by him. Needless to say, at the time I didn’t understand anything about beer, but it struck me particularly, and as soon as I got home I asked my dad – who has been making wine at home all his life – if he wanted to try to make beer with me. He said yes and a few days later we went to a specialized store to buy my first kit consisting of fermenter and bubbler, caps and capper, I think scoop and density meter, detergent (not sanitizer!) and of course a can of brewing extract. I don’t remember exactly how it was that beer, the inexperience was total, ignorance of techniques and tricks also, we followed the instructions on the brewing extract attached booklet and we sanitized everything with a simple detergent, but I remember very well that both my dad and me were very happy and satisfied with the result and we drank every drop of that beer.

I’ve brewed a few beers with my dad, I can’t even remember how many. I remember that some were good, some were not, but keep in mind that at the time I didn’t even know that high and low fermentation exists.

Then there was an empty period, until I was around 30 when I found my old fermenter while cleaning up the cellar and decided to make again a kit beer. This one was a total failure.

A few years later, precisely in 2017, I attended an all-grain homebrewing workshop at the headquarters of Mr.Malt, a supplier of professional breweries and homebrewers. I thought that making beer from grains and hops was very complicated, but that day I changed my mind: I saw that it was not difficult, that it has a lot more sense than brewing with a kit, that I could do everything I wanted and so at the end I came home with more than 100€ less on the bank spent between equipment and ingredients.

Once again my parents helped me in several ways:

Mom, do you have a big pot?
Dad can we convert a pasta machine to a grain mill?
Can i borrow the stove?
Can I get the copper pipe in the ceiling to build a coil?

Then I started to make beers with a much higher quality than before, I started to build additional equipment starting from a fermentation box until one year later a friend of mine sent me a photo of an article in the newspaper that in my city they would create a brand new association of Homebrewers the same evening: and it is from that evening that I am a member of Homebrewers Gorizia, and now also its executive member as well as webmaster.

And it was in this Association that my know-how has improved considerably, the passion has increased together with the techniques and results, until I entered, always thanks to the Association, to the world of tasting and analysis of beer.