The name, the logo and the labels

The name Stara Gorica Brewing is a very personal thing: it is in fact a play on words whose initials form SGB. SGB was in fact the name used to identify the company and the crew of the now-closed Pieffe Factory, a concert club that I frequented for years, where I worked, where I met a large part of my friends, and where I started playing with my old band, the Screaming Whores. The original meaning of SGB is Stara Gorica Bastards, the name of an album by O.S.D.S., a band of the club’s owners, and is still used by its members (let’s check  SGB Tattoo Studio). Stara Gorica (literally Old Gorica) is the name that for Slovenians distinguishes the Italian old town of Gorizia from the Slovenian newest town Nova Gorica (literally New Gorica), two cities that lays exactly over the border between Italy and Slovenia.

For the logo I thought about it for a very long time but never reached an idea that would satisfy me. I also engaged the guys at SGB Tattoo Studio who prepared some fantastic designs for me (that I will of course use), but I couldn’t come up with an idea that was as personal as the name itself. One night, however, I had the epiphany: to combine the wild boar, a typical animal of my areas, with elements representing the passion for beer (hops), all surrounded by a rock n’ roll style.

The idea of the labels came as a natural consequence of the logo, which convinced me even more in my choice. I wanted there to always be a boar as central element of the labels, trying to keep a little of the rock n’ roll style of the logo. With the help of current AI drawing software and a little personal experience in image editing, I began to make for each of my recipes its own label (you can see them in the classic and special beer sections of the blog).