Coasters Collection (The Modern Ones)

Below I have collected images of the various coasters I have. Unfortunately, over the years I have thrown away several, some of them were given to friends that collect them, other ones instead I left on the tables of the bars. Only recently i decided to collect them seriously, so at the moment there’s not very much coasters. In any case, to make them easier to see, I added some filters to the gallery. Coasters with different designs on the front and back should be opened to see both sides. This is only my current (modern) collection, in the lower part of the page you will find a second collection that I had as a kid.


Coasters Collection (Oldies)

As written at the top of the page, here I collected the images of the coasters collection I had when I was a kid. Not wandering around bars, of course, sometimes I remembered to ask my dad to get some and sometimes he remembered to do it. But in the end I put together some of them thanks also to my dad’s friends who gave me several coasters. Unfortunately, as a child, I did not keep them safe in a dark place but I glued them around my room with double-sided tape. Recently, while detaching them from my old room, I tried to be as careful as possible but for several coasters there was nothing to do and I had to ruin them on the glued side, a great pity. Also in this case the same gallery consultation methods of the modern collection are applied.