Cantillon – Racine (2020)

Beer: Racine (2020)
Country: Belgium
Style: Lambic
ABV: 7%
IBU: n.a.
Serving: 750ml bottle

Two years old Lambic blended with Chardonnay, Tokay, and Sauvignon Blanc grape pomace from Radikon Winery, a winery from my hometown;
Hazy straw yellow beer with no head;
Very pleasant tangerine and apple aroma with fruity, citric and grapefruity notes. Lactic and acidic notes are very soft and well merged. A very delicate horse blanket note in the background;
Medium-low body with a very soft carbonation. Sourness is well present but not extremely strong;
Taste of that beer is maybe a little bit poor compared to its aroma, with citric and acidic flavors that dominates over all other flavors;

Personal opinion
Very pleasant beer (if you like Lambic beers) with very softened classic lambic aromatic profile that leaves place to fruity and citrusy aroma. Sourness is not too much strong and accompanies them very well, making that beer very easy to drink.


Special thanks to my friend Matteo for having me taste this great beer.

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