Max Smasher

Style: Fresh Hops IPA  /  ABV: 6%  /  IBU: 60  /  EBC: 10

Max Smasher is a SMASH (Single Malt And Single Hop) IPA brewed with fresh hops farmed and harvested by my homebrewer friend Max. The delicate and simple Maris Otter base together with a neutral yeast allow to enhance the aromas and flavors of the Centennial hops that characterizes this beer.

Appearance: Color somewhere between straw yellow and light gold very clear, with a white head not particularly abundant but that persists for a while

Aroma: Aroma not particularly intense for the style but that releases a very good scent of mango with some pineapple, citrus and very very light notes of malt and honey

Mouthfeel: Beer with a medium-low body and a moderate carbonation typical of the style, in the mouth leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness

Taste: Unlike in the aroma, in the mouth the malt is well present coupled by a light grapefruit and some herbaceous notes. The sweet taste that accompanies the entire sip remains also in the aftertaste, not surmounted by the bitterness absolutely not intense but well present

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