Uiltje – Bravehops

Beer: Bravehops
Uiltje Brewing Company
Country: Netherlands
Style: IPA
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 45
Serving: 440ml can


Light stray/golden beer, white head with a very high retention;


Intense fruity aroma characterized by tropical fruits and melon with soft corn and elderberry flowers notes and a touch of ripe apple and tangerine;


Medium body carbonated in the norm, in the mouth is silky and creamy;


Intense bitterness that is already present in the beginning but that softens while balancing with the herbaceous, resinous and citrus taste that leaves in the aftertaste a pleasant sweet fruity flavor;

Personal opinion

The intense fruity aroma is very well composed and overwhelms at the opening of the can. The taste may initially seem a bit ‘obvious IPA, but soon appears a delicious mix of herbaceous and fruity that accompanies the bitterness. Very fresh and very pleasant.

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