Pivovara Medvedgrad – Hendrix

Beer: Hendrix
Pivovara Medvedgrad
Country: Croatia
Style: Session India Pale Lager
ABV: 3.8%
IBU: 28
Serving: 500ml bottle


Stray yellow and slightly hazy beer with an abundant white head with a good retention;


Intense citric and hoppy aroma with very soft cereal, mais and spicy notes;


Low body, marked but not intense carbonation, very easy to drink;


The soft sweet start is surmounted almost immediately by a bitterness not particularly intense but that made you feel its presence very well, everything wrapped in a citrusy flavor. Maybe low bitterness for the style, but it is perfectly balanced with the low sweetness of the beer;

Personal opinion

Very fresh and easy-drinking aromatic lager, perfect for hot summer days. The aroma and the taste reminds an IPA/APA, but the mouthfeel is very light and clean as in a lager beer. The low bitterness is a perfect balance for the session-low sweetness. Very good beer!

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