Lenzuolo Bianco

Style: Wheat Beer  /  ABV: 5,4%  /  IBU: 27  /  EBC: 7

Lenzuolo Bianco is a wheat beer characterized by lemon notes. Born as Witbier, over the years it has been modified to make neutral the taste of yeast and change the aroma and the taste from the classic spicy to one characterized by citrus and lemon.

It is a straw-colored beer with a fine white foam. In the aroma are perceived light notes of cereals and an intense aroma of lemon accompanied by soft spicy notes. With a medium-low body and a marked carbonation, in the mouth turns out to be a extremely refreshing beer, excellent for the summer.

The recipe for this beer is now at its eighth variant in which I look for an ever greater balance of flavors and aromas described.


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