Aviator – HogWild IPA

Beer: HogWild IPA
Aviator Brewing Company
Country: United States, NC
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 108
Serving: 330ml Can

Dark yellow hazy beer with a small-bubbled head with a high retention;
Intense resinous and hoppy aroma covers notes of orange, grapefruit, spices, mint and very soft cereals;
Medium body with a marked carbonation;
A starting malty flavor and hoppy, resinous and citric notes that replace it immediately are completely covered by a very strong and intense herbal bitterness;

Personal opinion
The hoppy and resinous aromas are very intense and covers too much all other aromas hard to identify. The herbal bitterness is absolutely too strong, as I said all flavors are completely covered by it. I’m pretty sure this is exactly the effect that the brewer wants, but it is too much unbalanced onto a strong bitterness that hides other characteristics of that beer.

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