Beetroot And Lime Berliner Weisse

Beer: Fruit Expo: Beetroot And Lime Berliner Weisse
Nova Runda
Country: Croatia
Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.4%
IBU: 0
Serving: 500ml can

Ruby red crystal beer with a light pink foam with a good retention;
Lime with a beetroot aroma that bites in the nose and that gets stronger over time. Cereals not present or covered by the beetroot, soft acidic aroma;
Fine carbonation but not very strong, low body and sense of acidity in the mouth;
The beetroot and lime are also felt in the mouth wrapped in an initially intense sourness that immediately softens. No cereals and bitterness, after the dry finish leaves in the mouth a beetroot aftertaste;
Personal opinion

Beer with a very particular but also very good taste. Its beetroot taste is felt but is not intense and goes very well with the lime both in the nose and especially in the mouth where together with its sourness create a perfect union. Given the particular taste, the absence of cereal and malts taste is not particularly lacking.

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